The proposed new Nantucket Intermediate School will house students in grades three through five, and we anticipate it will have 400 students in it when it opens. The existing elementary school will serve pre-kindergarten through the second grade and will also serve approximately 400 students. The present middle school, which now serves 335 students, will also be expected to serve over 400 students in the next three years.

We are very excited with the expansion plans, and look forward to our schools being able to meet the space needs to appropriately provide for our students. We hope this website provides you a glimpse of what is to come and addresses any questions that you might have about the project.



We can’t wait. The time is now to build a new elementary school to serve the growing population of students who call the island of Nantucket home.



Answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the proposed new Nantucket Elementary School including project timelines and estimated costs.



Keep up with the latest news and updates in regards to the Nantucket Elementary School building project.